the last little bit of India and the first bit of Nepal!

So... this will be the absolute last of india. Promise!
We left yoga capital Rishikesh for Dalai Lama home Dharmsala. Doesnt look amazments here but believe us, it was.
Our view from our hotel. Not that bad eh!
Totally okay way to start your morning.
Went for a walk around the area.
Found a Messiah car.

We were thinking of getting a tattoo or a piercing. Big business in Dharamsala.
One day, which was a sunday, i.e., indian playday, we went to Bhagsu and found this fun-packed place! Bless.
Just a very, very typical indian working place.
But! However great and wonderful India has been it was time to leave for Nepal. And to make it just a bit more interesting we took the 4day- four buses and a train - route.
Our last indian bus.
And our final view of India. By this time, it wasn't hard to leave. At all.
Oh look! It's Nepal!
Can it get any better than this?

James and his crew.
We went out rowing on da lake.
The sunset was absolutely epic.


Wonderful! (And then we had to paddle back in panic to not be stuck on the lake in complete darkness)
Today we got up at a grusome 4.30 to watch the sun rise over the Himalayans. Unfortunately, we are in Nepal at the absolute worst time ever (monsoon) so you can never see the Himalayans due to all the clouds. Still cool though! Thought we would be more or less alone up there this morning. 
But, we werent. 
Views were still really cool though.
Realising our planning have been completely off the last few months and that we are visiting Nepal in the worst time ever, with daily/nightly storms and clouds constantly covering the sky, we have had to do some deep re-thinking. Unfortunately we wont be able to do our 10 day trek which we had planned (yes, we had!), nor will we be able to go to any wildlife parks (shame, cause we had been practicing on how to out stare a tiger). But tomorrow we are off to Kathmandu were we are gonna do some hard core cultural things. And we are totally not gonna let it get to us that we missed Pokhara looking like this:
 or that we missed trekking here:
Doesn't matter!!!!

Bye bye India (part 2)

Reet, time for part 2 of our fairwell update about India!
We're actually kickin' it in Nepal now, which we've been doing since getting here on Saturday night. We left India on Wednesday afternoon on an absolute mission, arriving in Pokhara, Nepal, 4 days later. We are talking 4 dog solid days of buses, trains and jeeps in over 40 degrees.
Stick that in your Chapateh!
Evelina also worked out that it would have cost us the same to take a 50 minute flight from Delhi when we were 3 days into it. Pure face.
But! You've gotta love all that aswell because it's such a mental experience travelling in India, and the more testing it is, the more character building it is. Jumping on a 12 hour bus journey feels like a walk on Weggy park, now.
Anywho, here's the last load of Picceh's from our ridiculously amazing time in India.
Enjoy em!
Here's Evelina, advertising Manali's natural spring water. In reality, it's probably filtered Delhi rat bath water. Ratteh.
We followed water fall all way tut top.
I honestly had no idea, Evelina was taking a photo.
Some cute, lickle, Tibetan school Kiddies we met one morning. A couple of them started doing one-arm press-up's, to impress us. So funny.
I caught a cold. Meh.
We left Manali and bus'd it south to Rishikesh. This bus was jammed.
Wait there..what the hell is that in front of our bus!?
Oh, it's's just a load of Indian men, going down the road in a giant bag of potatoes.

Sometimes Indian men like to dye their hair orange. This man decided to dye his tash, orange, aswell. Each to their own.

This is Rishikesh. The Yoga capital of the world. 
We went to the abandoned ashram, where the Beatles hung out, taking loads of drugs. They wrote most of the white album while they were there so they must have been on some good shit.

At the gates to the ashram, we found these 2 European hippies.They claimed that they'd spent the last 2 years walking the grounds, trying to figure out which gate was the way out. They were clearly out of their minds on LSD.
We took them under our wing and gave them names. Dodge and Phil.

Then we started a band.
The daily ceremony, held on the ghats in Rishikesh. The dude in red is a megastar around those parts.
We did yet more treking up to the hills. Well worth it for the view.
Where there is water. There is Indian men in pants.
View from 'The Beatles' cafe.
Oh dear. Looks like the rest of the India snaps are gonna have to go in the next blogg update because the camera batterie's just gone.
Ah, well... be back soon with the rest of them and maybe even a few newbies from Nepal. And those one's are beauties!
Thanks for reading!

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