Bye bye India (part 1)

Easeh peeps.
We've neglected you again...
Well, we're here now and we've got loads of boodiful piccehs for y'all to enjoy. Actually, this update is mostly gonna be picceh's because we've got a bus to catch in a few hours. We're finally leaving India to go and check out Nepal. It's gonna take a pair o' days but it'll be worth it. Anyway, we couldn't leave India without documenting all the shizz we've been up to, during our time up North. It's been a hoot and a half, i tell thee. 
Here we go! 
Just like being down Citeh market, intit! 

The bulls you get up north make the southern one's look like lickle babeh bulleh's! 
Some more bull shizz, here. This time, me with a stone one. It might be a hippo. 
I don't know...
The north's got a bit of a mediteranean feel to it, in some places. 

We took an early morning, 2 hour trek, up to the caves above lake Rewalser. We met this dude on the way up. 

It was a hell of a climb, i tell thee. 
When we got to the top, we were met by nothing but the sound of thousands of tibetan flags, blowing in the wind. It looked and sounded absolutely AMAZO. Such a powerful place. 
Such a cool place. 
We even did some meditation up there. PANG! 
We just had to gerra lickle picceh of ourselves. 
After lake Rewalsar, we jumped on a buss to Manali. Perhaps the craziest buss route in the world, you basicly spend 10 hours darting at full speed around cliff edges and over taking everyone on blind corners. Citeh. 
This is what Manali looks like. 
And this is what Evelina looks like, getting warmed up for a 25 minute walk to a waterfall. 
I think she's ready. 
 Manali is pretty amazing. 
Tibetan women, guiding their cows down by the water fall. 
Alright, listen up, people. Our fugitive has been on the run for ninety minutes. Average foot speed over uneven ground barring injuries is 4 miles per hour. That gives us a radius of six miles. What I want from each and every one of you is a hard target search of every gas station, residence, warehouse, farmhouse, hen house, outhouse and doghouse in that area. Checkpoints go up at 15 miles. Your fugitive's name is Dr. Richard Kimble. Go get him.

That's all for now folks. Part 2 coming up in a few days! 

trains trains trains and mountains.

The unbelievable laziness that Goa brought out in us has drastically been replaced with the full on madness that only India can give you. We left Goa on Tuesday to go to Mumbai were we stayed one night to take another train to Ambala in the north of India. That train was like the madest train there ever could be, even in India. Pure clown express from crazy town. It was unreal. It had everything! It was incredibly hot and it was FULL of people. We thought it was a lot of people from the beginning, but we were not crammed and were able to play guitar while getting to know some really sound people, but after a couple of hours more and more people came on and when we looked down the aisle it was unreal. It was people everywhere! I am not exaggerating if I say it was like a whole village was taking up the carriage. And when it was lunch time, oh my. Food everywhere. And of course as it is on indian trains, it's not only passengers taking up precious space, but also the every-five-minute chai/coffe people (which is everything but "would you like some coffee?" but rather CHAAAI CHAI CHAIIII????!) and everyone else wanting to sell something great, like illuminated toys, color books, padlocks and chains. Not to forget the musicians! The only time we experienced something like silence on this train was when we stood by one of the doors trying to get some air and a muslim man comes up, unrolling his carpet and doing his prayers. But that was probably the only time. We also met probably 5-6 lady boys calling James darling and me their sister asking us to give them money (we didn't). The funny thing with this train was as well that the people who didnt have a ticket just stayed on, so when it was time for bed the family who had been sitting with us (with their three naughty kids) the mum and the kids laid down on the floor between our berths and the dad was sitting on James' bed. After a while though he was laying on James. Great night that was. Forgot to mention as well that this train was 27 hours and after this train we had another 2-3 hours on another train until we'd reach Kalka, so sleep was precious. But however tough it was at times, we really had loads of fun as well. We travelled with a Scottish man, a Danish woman and a Chinese woman, all super sound with funny and interesting stories to tell. However, when we got of at Ambala and got on the last train to Kalka, we were knackered and was looking forward to some quiet and easy hours. And when we got on the train, it was like a dream, almost empty. Oh yeah it was just what we wanted, so we thought we'd play some cards. Then a kid comes up begging for money, this happens once in a while, and your not really meant to give them money because they are probably not the ones getting them anyway. So we said no and carried on playing, then he opened the box he had been carrying and I totally froze. I said to James I cant concentrate when he's around, and James was like ah, but just ignore him. I couldnt believe how calm he was!! Then James saw what was in the box as well (which I thought he had done all along) and he saw the snake. A SNAKE!! Ahhhhhh, it was soo rank. God. Anyway after that, the rest of the train journey went fairly smoothly, even if the memories of that horrible snake made us shiver, and we finally arrived in Kalka. 
The next day we got up in the early early morning to catch the toy train up to Shimla. Our third toy train! They are amazing. And this one was absolutely wonderful. The views were extraordinary. At first we were sharing our cabin with a guy who was really interested in us, and couldnt stop talking. At one point he was reading to us from the lonely planet, just to keep the conversation going. He also thought it was so beautiful when James was trying to tune the guitar and he told me I was so gentle (gentle??!). However, he didnt have a reservation so he had to give up his seat to someone who actually did and this someone was an 86 years old gentleman who also was very inquisitive, but absolutely lovely. He asked at one point if we were together by own choice and if our parents had approved. He also asked if James' beard is by own choice. We answered yes on all of them. 
Anyway, we were in Shimla for five days and it is absolutely amazing up there. It is like Switzerland in India. Surrounded by mountains, no cars allowed on the main road so it is well quiet, ah it is amazing. Yesterday we went on a half an hour trek (that it only took half an hour by the way indicates that we are 'absolutely fit' as stated on a board at the start) to the monkey god Hanuman's temple with a massive orange statue of the god. Very cool. However, much of our time in Shimla has been dedicated to one man we met on the street on our first night, Gaj. He is an astrologists who has taught us meditation and breathing exercises. It has been a turbulent, emotional and amazing few days!! We were talking about astrology just a few weeks before meeting him, basically saying that we dont believe in it all that much. Well, we have changed our minds now. 
And so, today we said goodbye to our dear Gaj and took the bus up to Resalwar lake where we are now. Unfortunately I was unable to enjoy the scenery on our way up as I was hanging out of the window getting sick together with half the bus (they say it is easy to see which us goes up here due to the stripes on the bus...). But now we are here and it is beautiful! And very tibetan. Tomorrow we are gonna check out some caves.
Here's some snapz!
 Train music!
On the train with our new scottish friend. Just when the heat, chai wallas and ladyboys gets a bit too much.
And the happiness of finally arriving in Kalka!
A cool bean man in Kalka.
A little sunset walk.
Our third toy train!
Our new friend M.R Lall!

Train jamming.

How beautiful can it get?!
New crazy land in shimla!
Shimla view!
One morning we woke up to this. Indian men dancing and singing! Best way to start your morning!
A very hot man and a
beautiful background.
A couple spotted us and ran up to me handing over their baby so they could take a picture of us. Good thing I have such a natural way with babies.
Then we hiked up to the monkey god.
There he is.
Big monkey small Evelina.
We had to have sticks to scare of the monkeys (there where loads!!!), from nicking our stuff. James took the opportunity to practice some Kung Fu. The monkeys up in Shimla by the way are unbelievable! Gaj told us that they like to steal peoples glasses and will only give them back in return for icecream. He also new about one particular monkey who used to knock on the door and simply reach out his hand for food.
I was practicing my balance.
Monkeys playing by monkey god's feet.
Newly blessed kung fu trekker!
And this is completely different from Goa, but it has to come up! It's too funny.

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