I've just seen that we haven't been anywhere near this bad boy for about a month. I suppose we just haven't found the time, what with all the sweet funk all we've been doing on the beach everyday. That's right. For the last four weeks we have done nothing but max out. And oh how glorious it has been! The thing is, is that we should actually be back in Sweden right now, working and freezing our little Indian bums off. But we're not. We're unemployed n' kickin' it in south India. 
100% CITEH.
After lazeing around in Kerala, eating loads of fish and drinking nuff beers, (Beer is mostly served in tea pots down there because most places don't have a booze licence. I am sure that the local police are completely clueless to this ingenous disguise) we decided to head up to Goa for a bit and do exactly the same up there. We went back to where it all began, just a few months ago, in Vagator.
What a good move. 
Our days have been pretty much the same. We get up, do our morning exercise and yoga on the balcony (Yes, you did just read that), then head down to Goa's finest beach shack, Santana's for a spot of breakfast. After that we go swimming, tan our bodies, meditate (You read that aswell) and then pop back into the shack for a coke and a few rounds of shit head. After the day at the beach is done we head back to our room, sit on the balcony and play guitar and maybe even sip on a vodka tonic or two. Does it get any better than that? I doubt it.
Our evenings have been full of the usual madcap heroics. We've been to loads of parties and met loads of character's. We were at the night market just t'other night where we danced with some of the greatest loons i'm sure the market has ever seen. Seriously. These dudes were straight off the clown burger express, all the way from crazy town. They had moves like nothing we had ever seen before. One of them, a short, round Indian fellow, took a perticular liking to Evelina and insisted on teaching her his signiture move of crouching down to the floor and rolling his hands around like some kind of crazed ape. Evelina played along and somehow made it look good. It was all hilarious and an absolutely wicked night, full of dancing and booze. Teh. 
Perhaps the highlight of our time so far in Goa, was the Christening reception we attended. We were invited by chance, by a lovely bloke called Joseph, as we were heading back to our room one afternoon. He'd had a couple kingfisher's too many and asked us to come along and make his daughters christening a night to remember.
Free booze and a curry buffet?
Don't mind if i do.
We got ourselves all dressed up and took a taxi down to Santa Cruz, just 45 minutes down the road. By the time we got there we were about half an hour late. But you're on Indian time here, so it turned out that we were actually 2 hours early. We sat around feeling very unsure of what to do with ourselves and debating if it would be rude to start getting the free drinks in before the other guests arrived. We did.The other guests then finally turned up and by half past 8 everyone was seated and waiting for the party to start. Me, Evelina and 200 Indians. We continued to drink.
The party was hosted by a local Reverend . He was a mixture of Burt Reyolds and Bob Monkhouse, but Indian. 
He talked the talk but his timing was well off. Actually his talk was a bit whack at times aswell. At one point, he said:
''In the good old days, when the Portuguese were here'' 
You can't say that, they're all Indian!
Unfortunatly, he was also up against an incredibly tough crowd that night. They didn't really say or do anything. We'd been expecting pure Bollywood craziness. But no. 
He tried to warm them up with a game. He asked If anyone in the crowd had 12 childen or more and if they did then they would win a prize. Ha! Nobody did (as if) so he went down in figures until he found an old women who had 8 kids, which she won a prize for. Fair play to her. You could actually play that game on a Leicester council estate, couldn't you?
He did get everybody up on the dancefloor once though, for the blessing of the baby and 'the march'. But it was a struggle. After pleading with the crowd to get out of their seats without any response, what so ever, the akwardness became too much to bare, so me and Evelina, the unknown tourists, got up and walked to the front.
And it didn't stop there. We then 'lead the march'. Oh yeah, we were all over it. The Reverend even thanked us over the microphone, and asked if he could get a round of applause for Evelina and James. Complete silence. By now we were a bit drunk and feeling well crazeh so when the band started playing it didn't take long before we took to the stage again. The dancefloor was empty apart from 2 little kids, jumping up and down. We jived and samba'd to the smooth sounds of local goan cover band 'Brother's in arms' and the watchful eyes of 200 Indians. It was an absolute hoot i tell thee. We continued to prance around like a pair of European show ponnies until we were too knackered to carry on so we gave back the floor to the 2 jumping, kids and went for another drink.
The dance floor situation got a bit better when Brothers in arms started playing some more modern tunes, but the one thing that got everybody out of their seats was the announcement that the buffet had opened. Then they knew how to move. It was like a buffalo stampede.
After the food, the party died down and me and Evelina took a taxi home, feeling very happy with ourselves. So cool to experience something like that. 
Anyway back to the present day. We arrived in Arambol yesterday morning after dissing off Anjuna. We weren't really feeling the vibe there and the place we stayed at, Peace land (Piss land), was stink. 
So now we're in sweet Arambol again, where for the next week we shall continue to master the art of doing as little as possible.
Now, check these out!
 We bought our first camera. Ah, bless.

This is often the backdrop to our evening meals. Boodiful.

This is actually when an Indian bus is NOT crowded. They hang out the windows when it is.

Evelina, looking simply divine.

The night market rooftop club. This is where shit gets dark.

This guy's got scale issues.

Mans was like bare playin' beach cricket, nah. Braappp!
Evelina took her eyes off her mango for 2 seconds and look what happened. Cheeky cow!
Many a morn have looked like this. Lakchita, the daughter to the owner of Santana's, terrorising us with her devilish foolery. She is a lof of fun though. Here's a few snaps of her in action:
Hahaha. God, this made us laugh.
We got all powder painted up for Holi. This is when we saw our reflection.
Keepin' it LE3.
Look at those faces.
It's party time, Baba.
Thankyou for reading peeps. Back soon!

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