Keralan life!

Okay, after some serious thinking we have finally decided to stay out longer. We couldnt really get used to the thought of going back to a cold Sweden in just over a week. For my part, I don't have uni until September so there's nothing really that I need to get back to. For James, on the other hand, staying out longer meant that he had to quit his job, which definitely wasnt an easy decision, considering how much he loves his job and his friends there, but after some time we realised that going back to Sweden in a week just doesnt make sense, we have to grab this opportunity, so, we are staying out. And it feels great! 
Right now the plan is to stay in India til the end of April and then go to Nepal and do some volunteer work until some time in June. How exciting!!!! Hurray!
It's been quite some time since we wrote, things (life) has come in between. But last time we posted we were in Ooty, after that we went to Cochin in Kerala. Hmm, cosy Cochin. A little fishing village with loads reminiscents from the colonizers, especiallyt the English and the Portugeese. Feels like we didnt do much, more than walking around basically. And EATING! Lovely lovely food!
After Cochin we went on a houseboat through the backwaters. Ah beauuuuutiful! And after our night at the boat/sauna we went to Varkala where we are now. Here in Varkla we're doing some serious chilling out, with the biggest news being that I've got a tan. And not just a reddish-pink kind of color, oh no, a proper tan. I am actually brown. Maybe not dark brown, but definitely brown. This has never happened in my life before. I wish those indian girls in Arambol who pointed out how pink I was, called me chicken lollipop and laughed, could see me now. 

Sunset juice in Cochin.
The big Chinese fishing nets you see everywhere in Cochin. The fishermen seems happy to show you how it works, and letting you help them. We did that and got after it asked for a small donation of 500 rupees... One night we bought fresh fish from the fishermen and went down to one of the restaurants nearby who cooked it for us! Wonderful it was!
We went to the island just outside Cochin one day to go to the beach. They had some weird sort of pony riding for adults going on, and the route seemed to be back and forth to where we were laying.
Our backwater houseboat! (or someone elses maybe, but they all look the same. Except that everyone else seemed to have sunbeds but us. On the other hand we had like ten plastic chairs, maybe they thought that would even things up...)
We stopped by to watch the fishing boats in a nearby village. 
Loads of fish! Probably 10 of those baskets in the boat. 
When we parked the boat they let us try to go in their small boat. Everyone has a boat around here and they are so used to it. We could barely look around without thining the boat would turn over, whereas they were like running in and standing in the boats. Anyways, we got to try to row for a bit, which we did and several times crashed in to walls, trees and peoples fishing nets, until they called us back. 
And we enjoyed yet another indian sunset.

After the backwaters we went down to Varkala where we have been just over a week now. This is the garden at our hostel, and yes, it is just so wonderful.
The sea here is so beautiful, and absolutely massive!
The beer is served in teapots so that the police wont find out and fine them for not having license. The police must think that their are a lot of tea drinking people here. 
On our way to one of the beaches, the more secluded one where you almost have the place for yourself. 
To get there you must first pass the ice cream temple.
To be able to enjoy the sunset.
Life here is not at all hard. 
And here's some pictures I meant to put up ages ago, but never had time to. But now! Oh, time is no longer a problem.
A park in Delhi. It is very important not to leave an ugly mark.
Us in the park, hopefully not leaving an ugly mark.
A house in Delhi. Hopefully with a competent person in front of it.
The toy train going up to Ooty. Bit more people than in the first class carriage. An adorable thing indian girls do is screaming their hearts out when you go through a tunnel. Like as it was a roller coaster. At first it's kind of fun, but I think we went through about 20 tunnels. In the end it wasn't as cute anymore.
The amazzzing view!
Hot man in front of astonishing view.
Life reflection moment.
Miniature train.
And monkeys!!
Turns out it was not only the trains that were miniature.
Oh yeah, the paddle boat!
The botanical gardens.
Where we met loads of cute green kids.
And saw boys playing.
James behind tree.
Me at look out point.
My arms after horse riding.
And more monkeys!
Will be better at updating, promise.
Cheers for reading!

ooty the beauty

INTENSE! That's how it has been the last few days. Last time we wrote we were in Agra, and yes, we did see the amazzzing Taj Mahal (there is absolutely no other whatsoever reason to go to agra) and oh yes, it is truly a wonder. A marvellous wonder. How we marvelled. And then we went to Delhi. Dont really know what to say about Delhi, its a big city, we basically just walked around at Connaught Place, the main tourist/western/rich-indian shopping place, built like a round-about, where you are guaranteed (guaranteed I tell thee!!) to get lost. Am sure Delhi is great in many aspects, but we were just so ready to head back south and didnt really have the will-power to go exploring, so when we headed for the airport the next day it just felt so so right. Oh yeah. Now we're in Ooty. Oh, Ooty. How lovely it is. Ooty is a hill station, about 2000 metres up and well cute! With a great deal of luck and persistency (and a nice little extra 500 rupees in the conductors pocket) we got the final two seats at the 5 hour toy train up here, and how mind-blowing it was! Yet again, we marvelled. The scenery up here is just astonishing, so diverse and green and plush and flowery and lovely. And the monkeys, not to forget! At one station where we stopped for a nice little bit of pakora and chai, the monkey army arrived. Hilarious. 
Anywayzz, we've been here like 3 days now and its been so great! We've been in the botanical garden, we've explored the artificial lake on a paddle boat (oh yeah) and we have been on a four hour horse ride, which made us unable to walk normally for a good few days. Yeah, it's been great, and it feels like we've done a lot so tomorrow we'll try to catch the toy train going back to head for Kerala the day after. Nice life. 
Okay, was just about to put up some pictures when the battery went... Heres the ones I got anyway:

Agra is not the greatest of cities...
But we followed the three wise men and reached the Taj
And we marvelled!
Massive it is!
And then we came to Delhi. I only have one photo of Delhi. Great one.
Then we went to Ooty and jumped on a couple of horses. The least lame photo of too many.
We passed the teaplantations

And we managed to get the toy train back down again. First Class! Very happy about that.
Very happy indeed.

Will try to do a proper update soon!

Cheers for reading!

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