Don't forget your diaper in Udaipur.

Oh kay. The weeks keep passing by way too quick here. Mumbai really treated us well. Despite all the madness of the city (or maybe because of it) we had a wicked time. The slum tour was mind-blowing and very impressive and the day after we went on a toy train up to the hill station of Matheran just outside Mumbai with loads and loads of monkeys! We didnt know what was to come when we called Hampi monkey town... James fed a monkey with some pieces of chocolate, dropping chocolate in the monkeys mouth kind of thing, monkey wasnt too impressed so after a while he simply just nicked the whole bar.
So yeah, after that we spend the last day chillaxin around Mumbai, bit gutted that the night club we had been looking forward to go to - Polly Esther, with afro wig waiters and Saturday Night Fever illuminated dance floor - was closed for renovations. But we pulled ourselves together, went for a drink at a weird place were president Clinton once were  to jump on a 17 hour train for Udaipur (or you-diaper as James likes to call it) the next day. Here in Udaipur it is all about the palaces and rooftops, and yes it is beatiful.We've been on a boat and to the city palace museum - good. Today we feel a bit out-palaced though and probably not gonna do much. The traffick here, as everywhere in India, is mad! The roads and lanes are so narrow, but despite that and the people, cows, donkeys and the occasional monkey people still drive like it is a matter of life or death. 
Tonight we're taking the train to Jaipur (pink city) which is said to be one of the most chaotic places in India. Great!
In the need of a beer.
Jimmy boy found his jimmy boy.
found a park in mumbai for some proper napping.
considering to buy a pair of "rainbans"
busy on the train back from the slums.
neighbour lads playing.
Advertising Lonely Planet.
Toy train!
we were high up.
interesting surroundings.
happy travellers.
James and monkey at look out point.
monkey babies!
James on train.
Sunset from train.
James was gutted when he realised his newly bought Casio is a Gasio. GUTTED.
but cheered up when we found Flash chocolate.
Balcony life in Udaipur.
Shoe guy painting my shoe in fish shit while delighted to be photographed.
checking the water.
photo with man in red.
We took the boat and it was windy.
Luckily, James felt freaky fresh!
Stopped over at an island.
which basically was a(nother) palace.
with elephants.
and crocodiles.
when we went back James found a new friend.
and got home sick. Still straight from L.C.

Postat av: Malin Lind

Jättefina bilder James!!!! Ser ut som ni har det riktigt fint på resan, kommer du någonsin tillbaka? :)

Svar: Cheers Malin! Jo, vi kommer tillbaka nan vacker dag.

2013-02-18 @ 13:26:40
Postat av: ia

AVIZ! Mycket fina bilder. Jag vill ha James' nya kompis, hon va gullig! Saknar!

Svar: Hon/Han var sa javlig gullig Ia. Jag hade ville tagit med den pa resan. Take care!

2013-02-18 @ 18:39:09
Postat av: Monika

Couldn´t stop smiling when I looked at your pictures...I am definetely thinking of making India our next trip! Amazing Pictures!!!

2013-02-23 @ 23:14:28

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