Turns out that a diaper would have actually come in really handy in Udaipur.
But hey...that's a different story. 
Oh how the last few days have been full on. India is anything but easy at times. Especially the travelling. It can be seriously rough at times.
Me and Evelina left Udaipur last Tuesday night and took a gruelling 8 hour night train, in which people shouted and blew whistles(Why?) throughout pretty much the entire journey.Not to forget the crazy eyed, bogus policeman giving me evils. Who, might i add, had a funkin' rifle hanging off his shoulder. Classic India. 
We made it anyway and at 6 in the morning we finally arrived in Jaipur. Also known as 'The city of victory' or 'The pink city'. Yes, it's pink. But it's that kind of pink what yoh dolleh gets what yoh mam got yoh when she gets dead dirteh. There are hardly any sidewalks either which means we found ourselves walking on the roads half the time. And oh how they like to bezz it. We even ended up in Maccy D's a couple of times just to escape the madness. I'm having a reet moan here but the place really is India when it gets proper tough. You can't love em all, eh! Citeh. 
It's not all bad with Jaipz' though. We hired a rickshaw and went to an absolutely amazing place called "Amber fort'. A big, ancient, fort just out of town, built up on a massive hill side. The views from the top of it were stunning, as was the unbelievable amount of detail gone into pretty much every room you stepped into.It was magical stuff and definetly made it worth the trip. 
We now find ourselves in Agra, since arriving late last night after being stuck on the train for an extra 2 hours, just 10 minutes from our destination, for no apparent reason, only to be met off the train by a drunken rickshaw loon who went mental because we told him to lob on. Again, classic India. 
Right, enougth of the moaning. I bloody love India and so does Evelina and today we're off to see one of the 7 wonders of the world.
In the meantime, slam your eye balls on these essential picz. 

A nice little walk way we found in the old part of town. 

Typical Jaipz' street life. 

Check that out. 
Oh dear.
The view over the old town palace and park.
Evelina found her star sign. 
As did manz. 
Amber fort. Look at that!
A section of the fort, called The Jai Mandir (Hall of victory). 
One of it's many windows.
We stuck around for sunset, which was well worth it.
Without a doubt, the highlight of the day. We found this dude strutting his stuff on one of the walls, on our way up to the Fort. 
What an absolute hero. Would you look at that face! 

Postat av: Ia

shit va ful...get(?)!
kanske det (söt)fulaste jag sett! liknar Hjalmar som valp!
Gillar skägget (James', inte getens).
Saknar er!

2013-03-07 @ 01:18:21

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