It's been one hell of a week, but we've finally made it to the big boss of India's cities.MUMBAI. The only place on earth, outside of Leicester, where the people still dare to dream.
We finally gathered the will to drag ourselves from the glorious beaches and just pure easeh life of Goa, last Friday morning. We took a 12 hour train journey from Thivim(or summat) that made about 11 stops before reaching Mumbai. It sounds like a mission but it really wasn't. Evelina's been on loads of trains in India before but it was my first time. It was mental to say the least. The sounds those things make, especially when you go through a tunnel, are nothing short of the gooleh train down at Billy Bates.All that's missing is a chav in a gorilla costume jumping out and squirting you in the face with a water pistol. Pure Citeh. Seriously though, those things are LOUD. There's also a lot of noise coming from inside the cabin's with what seemed like a constant flow of people selling food and drink. 'CHAI CH CH CHAI CHAI COFFEE COFFEE COFFEE CHAI CH CH CHAI CHAI' was the soundtrack to the whole journey. And funk me can those people shout. It was a great experience though. Loved every minute of it, nah.
We finally got to Mumbai at 10pm Friday night. What a smack in the face you get when you step into this city. Everybody says it but you can't understand it until you see it for yourself. You suddenly feel yourself get on your guard, because it really is naffin like the chilled pace of Goa we left just half a day ago. We made our way through the massive crownds of people and out of the station and jumped in a taxi to our hotel in Colaba.. I thought they drove like loons in Goa but this truely is LOON CITY when it comes to driving. When we got to our room, we decked out on the bed for a bit (much needed) and then headed out for some food. Where else but the famous, Leopold's. I'm reading Shantaram at the minute so it was very cool to be sitting in the very place that a lot of the book revolves around. These days it's something of a tourist attraction so they charge dollars for everything, but who gives a funk, it was full of interesting people to observe and they had beer. Citeh.
Since then we've been spending a lot of time exploring the streets and just soaking up the atmosphere on offer.We have big plans over the next few days boss, starting out with a visit to the slums this afternoon. It's gonna make Beaumont Leys look like Notting Hill. 
Here's a few piccehs of our adventures! 
A picceh from the temples of Hampi.
Lickle puppehs. 
You'd better believe it. 
Evelina feelin loveleh
Cock's town. A classy joint.
Lunch on the train.
Our digs on the train.

Sexy food. 
A crowded Mumbai buss.
A typical busy street. 
This was hilarious. We walked into the Bank of India and ended up on our knees in front of a shrine. 
And we were made to sit beside the shrine. Very odd.
Speaks for itself, really. 
Sheer. As my main man, Dawson would say. 
Outside Victoria station. 
Sleepy taxi driver.

Ooh that looks luvleh...
Ah wuh right, it woh luvleh.

Postat av: Amanda

ÅÅHH. Visst är det typ chockerande att komma till Mumbai, men sedan(efter chocken försvunnit) så älskar man det! OCH ALLA DJUR<3 Mina två favorit bilder: Ni två bredvid blomstersaken..som var en gud eller? och sen sista bilden med james. Blicken. Över en glassen. Så ljuvligt. Ta hand om er sötisar!

Svar: Ahhh tack Amanda! Ja det var nan typ av gud. Det finns ganska manga gudar har. Take care!

2013-02-11 @ 17:17:50

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