Just call me Maxi.

What a week i've had. It feels like it's flown by but at the same time, feels like i've been here for ages. I suppose time really does fly when you've got a nappy on.(Only a few people will get that). I love that feeling of losing track of time. I've never experienced it like you do here. You'll often here someone asking what day it is and nobody has a clue what time it is. You check out the position of the sun to give you an idea. Pure old skool trickz. The majority of my week has been spent on the beach, chilling out. There's been a couple of perfect all day-ers, one day in particular was amazing. Me, Emma and Bert headed down to the beach at about 10 am for breakfast at Santana's beach hut, which is the usual hang out. I had a double espresso, 2 cheese and tomato toasts, pancakes with honey on and a pineapple juice.Twaz glorious i tell thee. After that i went for a morning swim and then lied down in the sun and listened to some tunes. We ended up staying there all day, finishing it off by putting our feet up with a couple of Kingfisher beers and watching the sunset. It was beautiful.
Beach life here, really is the shizz. People watching and animal watching have become my new hobby. You get all sorts down here, and some real odd jobs at that. It's mostly Russians, Swedes, Germans and Indians down on Vagator beach and you can mostly tell who's who just by the look of them. They go about there day in pretty much the same way though, just lazing around in the sun. There's one bloke down here, that you can't miss. He's buffed up like a WWF wrestler and he's covered in tribal tattoos from head to toe. He looks like some kind of mythical warrior, like he should be riding around on a panther with a massive sword on his back.
Probably German.
Citeh. The indian women who walk the beach trying to sell you stuff are intersting aswell. Like i said you have to pretty much ignore them or they won't leave you alone. One of them freaked me out yesterday when she suddenly changed her voice into a full on cockney accent. Some proper Oliver twist shit. 'Oh please mister, won't you buy something? Cheap as chips. Don't break me little 'art'. Auugghh it was spooky how good she was at it.
The animals are probably the most fun to watch though. I saw a cow that had decided to lay down on someone's beach towel the other day. The bloke tried to get rid of it by waving in it's face and trying to bribe it with biscuits or something. Dreaming mate. He wasn't going anywhere. Haha FACE. The dogs on the beach move in packs and they've got their own territory which they take very seriously. If a dog strays onto another pack's turf then he'd better get running. I've seen that a few times actually. THe highlight of the week though has to be the bull fight that kicked off about 20 metres infront of me, t'other day. The bigger of the two forced the other one into a tree trunk and that was that. Madcap.
Apart from doing funk all on the beach we have been out a few times. We went to a full on beach rave on Tuesday night in a town called Anjuna. It was how i imagined it would be. Strictly goa trance and loads of people mashed on hash. It was a right laugh, i danced on the beach with a group of Indian lads. I wish i'd filmed the funkers, they we're dancing like absolute loons! I'm sure they'll be more of those kind of nights though.
Last night we went to a night market in a town called Arambol. It was amazing. It was built up on different levels, almost like some kind of arabisn town, and packed with stalls, full of clothes,jewellry,spices etc...Bert bought himself a chess board, which he had to bargain down the price for, for a few minutes. 1400 ruppees was the final price but i reakon he could have gotten it for less. Pure Bert.
In one week, Evelina will be here which is funkin wicked!!! I can't wait to have her here.
Here are some piccehs.
Chilling with a sprite on a rooftop bar.
A gecko that lives in my room.

Bull fight. BADASS.

Chikitta. A cute little kid that runs around Santana's bar. She's well cheekeh.
Indian schoolgirls. There were hundreds of them!
Indian schoolboys playing footeh. FOOTEH. 
A goan sunset.
Arambol night market. Amazing!
Just call me Maxi. The best of the worst deoderant's i could get hold of. It's so bad.
Cheers for reading!


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