no snow in goa

After a good few stressful and COLD weeks, i finally got to leave snowy sweden for glorious india. Its been so great to see what James have been up to the last few weeks, and i totally get why he has loved it. Vagator is amazing, great atmosphear and lovely people. Especially Jorgen and Emma of course, who left yesterday and we really are gonna miss! And Matt! James' friend, such a lovely guy! The three of us went out for a few drinks on Matt's last evening, where i complained about the beer to taste weird and being old, just for James to be told of by the staff that the date on the beer to be the manufacturing and not the best before date... But it was a great evening!  
We left to another beach yesterday which is mother-daughter-yoga paradise! Loads of tie-dye and inner-peacefulness going on here. Yesterday we passed some kind of yoga-choir, singing through the sunset. When we took out the zacappa for a drink on the porch (yes, we have a porch with our little hut where we stay, very nice!) i was thinking to myself how glad i was that noone else was out (probably meditating), otherwise we most likely would have gotten the evil eye and some swede (here's loads of swedes) to tell us to keep it down. I dont know about that. So we've decided to go to Arambol tomorrow, which i think is gonna be wicked! And we're also gonna go on the night market which i am well excited about!
Yeah, we really havent done too much during my first week, but thats really the whole point i think. The first few days for me was basically about laying on the beach, listening to stories about what they all had been up to before i came, and drinking whisky and rum for my cold to go away. I am cured now. But we took a few pics!
our room in vagator, about 15 minutes after i arrived.
Sophisticated Matt
Playing cards on moondance
Vagator Beach!
Cows chilling in the shade.
sunset - nice
Lovely Jorgen and Emma!
headless james reading behind giant glass.

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