Same, same but very different.

I've only been here for 2 days but i've already got so much to say.After an intense 24 hours travelling (Pure knack central) starting of in Copenhagen, flying to Istanbul, then to Mumbai and then a final flight down to Goa, me and my mates, Emma and Jorgen, finally made it to Vagator at about 4pm on Friday. We had rooms booked at a hostel, that i cant remember the name of, but it was an interesting place to say the least. My room was basically a concrete box, about 10 square metres, with a tin roof. There was a shizz load of ants all up one wall, a few mosquitos flying around and a funk load of Jurassic park sounds from above the roof. NOTHING can prepare you for that. I remember asking Evelina if you get a tv in most of the hostels and receiving a look of up-most pity. My idea of how this place would look was well off. So after about 10 minutes of struggling with with the mixture of jet lag and a sudden realisation that i was actually in India.(for the next 3 months!) i thought 'funk it' and embraced it. Since then it's been brilliant. After one night we then changed hostel to go and live at a place called 'moon dance'. This place is much better, and the restaurant does wicked food. So i reakon i'll stay here for a while until i'm a bit more adjusted to everything. There isn\t much to do here apart from laze around, go swimming in the sea, read, drink, eat and generally do funk all, all day. Which is the point! And exactly what i want for a week or two. I reakon i'll become more adventurous as the days go by and check out some other places, but the tempo is gonna stay the same. Citeh.

I've already had some funny incounters with some Indian people. A dude on the buss at Mumbai airport, sat dwon next to me and instantely asked 'Where are you from?' I told him i was from England but i live in Sweden.He looked utterly confused.He asked me where i was going and i told him that i was going to Goa, and then in a couple of weeks, my girlfriend is gonna join me and we're gonna travel up north.To which he replied 'You go north? Then you have to buy the woolies!' Meaning get a jumper. Haha, love it. The taxi driver was also a character. He drove like an absolute mentalist. We must have had 10 near misses with oncoming traffic, but he knew what he was doing. I loved it, it woh like guin on nemesis wunt it. At one point he drove past a donkey that someone had covered with bright clothing and shouted 'Hey, look, it is your friend! All dressed up nice for you!' hahaha too funny.

I'll put a few photos up in the next couple of days. Right, time to get bomfunked.

Postat av: Team Citeh


Svar: Citeh.

2013-01-11 @ 12:52:33

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